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Experienced, educated, unbiased

wealth advisors

Pioneer Wealth Management Group is an organization born out of a desire to make quality fee-only planning available
for all.

Our Promise

We provide holistic financial advice, understanding that finances are only one piece of a client's life. Our advisors adhere to a strict fiduciary oath. This means we always operate in our client's best interest.


We Provide

Investment Management

  • invest with a purpose

  • goal driven

  • customized solutions

  • data driven

  • focus on efficiency

Wealth Planning

  • portfolio design

  • tax strategies

  • risk management

  • estate, charitable gifting strategies

  • implementation and review

Life Event Planning

  • retirement

  • business sale

  • stock option, RSUs

  • inheritance, large gifts

  • other life transitions

Our Clients

Gain Momentum

You are just getting started on your journey and want to build a strong financial foundation.

  • Comprehensive financial plan including savings, tax, and protection strategies

  • Guidance on aligning your investment portfolio with your goals

  • A team to contact with questions or when life changes happen

Fee options include:

  • Hourly 

  • Annual Financial Planning

  • Asset Management 

Build Wealth

You are a goal-oriented professional working toward financial independence. You need help developing a strategic plan and are seeking a trusted guide to help along the way.

  • Detailed wealth plan, including education and retirement planning

  • Alternative investing, real estate, and small business advising

  • Employee benefits management strategies, including RSUs and stock options


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management 


You have built significant wealth and want to optimize your strategies to attain your goals in the most efficient path possible.

  • Tax optimization

  • Maximum efficiency investing

  • Estate planning and protection

  • Private equity/venture capital investing

  • Alternatives /real estate


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management


You are concerned with multi-generational wealth transfer, asset protection, and tax optimization. 

  • A dedicated advisor plus full-service wealth management team including CFP, CPA, CFA, and estate attorney

  • Streamlined financial life

  • Charitable giving and legacy strategies

  • Asset protectiontax mitigation, and impact investing


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management

Our Team

your advisors

Helping to create financial empowerment for all.

April Busby,  CPA, CFP®
Daphne Jordan, CFP®
Shirley Sanchez, CFP®, MS
Nicole Renaux, CFP® 
Anthony Guzman, CFP®


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