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Amazon Whole Foods Specific Services


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Lets have a quick chat about any financial topic that may be on your mind. We are not only financial experts but also very familiar with all Amazon/Whole Foods Benefits

Quarterly Seminars

We will have quarterly in person or zoom seminars on various financial topics. Some of these will be basics of financial management and some will be much more complex topics around RSUs, Options, taxes, liquidity events, etc

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Your External Resource Center

We will have a running database of important Amazon Whole Foods benefits related information. This resource will sere as a place to get refreshers on your benefits but also ideas to take full advantage of opportunities that may exist. 

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Become Our Client

Gain Momentum

You are just getting started on your journey and want to build a strong financial foundation.

Asset Level $100k - $500k

Fees: Hourly - $5,000

  • Comprehensive financial plan including savings, tax, and protection strategies

  • Guidance on aligning your investment portfolio with your goals

  • A team to contact with questions or when life changes happen

Fee options include:

  • Hourly 

  • Annual Financial Planning

  • Asset Management 

Build Wealth

You are a goal-oriented professional working toward financial independence. You need help developing a strategic plan and are seeking a trusted guide to help along the way.

Asset Level $500k - $2MM

Fees: $5,000 - $20,000

  • Detailed wealth plan, including education and retirement planning

  • Alternative investing, real estate, and small business advising

  • Employee benefits management strategies, including RSUs and stock options


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management 


You have built significant wealth and want to optimize your strategies to attain your goals in the most efficient path possible.

Asset Level $2MM- $20MM

Fees: $20,000 - $100,000

  • Tax optimization

  • Maximum efficiency investing

  • Estate planning and protection

  • Private equity/venture capital investing

  • Alternatives /real estate


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management


You are concerned with multi-generational wealth transfer, asset protection, and tax optimization. 

Asset Level $20MM+

Fees: Variable based on complexity

  • A dedicated advisor plus full-service wealth management team including CFP, CPA, CFA, and estate attorney

  • Streamlined financial life

  • Charitable giving and legacy strategies

  • Asset protectiontax mitigation, and impact investing


Fee options include:

  • Annual Wealth Planning

  • Asset Management

Our Team

your advisors

Helping to create financial empowerment for all.

April Busby,  CPA, CFP®
Daphne Jordan, CFP®
Shirley Sanchez, CFP®, MS
Nicole Renaux, CFP® 
Anthony Guzman, CFP®


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